Alumni Success Story: Deb Marshall ’06

Motivated by the desire to create a better life for her children, Deb Marshall ’06 is no stranger to hard work. She is a mother, wife, grandmother, employee, volunteer and adventure seeker! Deb spends her days as a systems engineer at Van Andel Institute, where she helps manage information technology hardware and software systems. Learn more about Deb and her role as a systems engineer below.

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Tell us about yourself, Deb!

I graduated from DeWitt High School. I got married in my junior year and I had my first child on my first day of my senior year. I had to grow up early. I had four kids before I was 24 years old. Our marriage didn’t work out, so I had to work to support my family. I knew I had to make a better life for myself and my family, so I decided to go to school. I started at Lansing Community College in the fall of 1984 with just two classes because I had a Pell grant, working full time and being a single mom. One night in the spring of 1985, my 11 year old son was doing homework at the kitchen table.  I was doing dishes and talking to someone on the phone, probably my dad. I was telling him I just couldn’t keep up and I was going to have to quit. It was just too much. My son stopped doing his homework and said “Mom you can’t quit now, you’ve come too far to quit!” That’s what drove me and it was that semester that I met my husband. So I’m glad I didn’t quit – my husband and I have been married for more than 30 years.

I graduated from LCC with my associates in applications programing in 1992. Then I took some time off from school to put my kids through college. After working for Auto Owners Insurance and Jackson National Life, I found a home at Steelcase for 12 years where I decided to return to school and enroll at DU. I earned my degree in 2006 in network engineering. Now, I work at Van Andel Institute as a systems engineer.

Tell us about your experience at DU.

Enrolling at Davenport was an easy decision. I loved how the curriculum was hands-on! The philosophy at Davenport wasn’t teaching to pass a test, but rather teaching so you knew the content. I remember one night taking a test – our instructor started the test at 7:00 p.m., I didn’t leave the building until 2:00 a.m. to make sure I knew the content. My last class was a study abroad trip to China – it was a phenomenal experience!

Tell us more about your trip to China!

My trip to China was a lot of “firsts.”  It was the first time I had been overseas.  It was the first time I had taken a long vacation – 3 weeks. The first time I was away from my family.

A key thing to make staying in a foreign country work, is that you have to adapt to their ways. Every meal I ate with chopsticks except one and that was pizza at Pizza Hut.  Meals were interesting unless we were in the school cafe. You have to “try” everything on the table even the big fish that still had it’s head with eyes still on it; no picky eating.  Presentation of the meal is very important to them.  And while I was taught that it was polite to “clean your plate,” in China you will be given more to eat because it’s a sign you need more food.

There were a few things that really stood out.  When we first had a round table discussion with the students about questions about the two countries, one of the first things they said was ‘we don’t eat cats.” The next was the political conversations we had in the dorm of the grad students. Also the other thing that I noticed that several of my fellow students in China had been accepted by multiple universities and when asked where they were going to go, the statements were I’d like to go “here”, but the final decision is up to my parents.

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I am a systems engineer at Van Andel Institute, a cancer and Parkinson’s disease research institute in Grand Rapids. At a large company, (more…)

Alumnus Wes Trimpe Honored With Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Congratulations to alumnus Wes Trimpe for being named Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Epic Awards. Wes graduated from Davenport University in 2013 with a BBA in Finance. His successful baseball career started locally at East Kentwood High School and then continued at DU where he specialized in first base and pitching.

After playing at Davenport Wes moved on to pitch in the American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC) for the Kalamazoo Cubs. At the completion of his playing career Wes chose to give back to our local baseball community by coaching. He started Sluggers Sports Academy in December of 2014 with the goal of heightening the level of baseball competition within the southeastern Grand Rapids area along with assisting young athletes in their development into respectable and contributing members of our community. Since then, the Academy has expanded to 15 youth baseball teams, 12 instructors, 35 coaches and serve over 300+ families. Sluggers is also a host location to Davenport’s Competitive and Sideline Cheer teams.

Help us congratulate Wes with this incredible honor!

Alumni Success Story: Art Garner ’89 ’91 ’04

A Principal’s Message To Students

“If I could meet Instructor Soper today,” Art Garner smiled slowly, “I would probably cry,” as he recalled his favorite professor who inspired him to go into education.

Garner grew up near Ottawa Hills in Grand Rapids in the mid-70′s. Money was scarce for his parents, who had divorced when he was young and he had to help support the family.

Despite the challenges, Garner retained a unique flair and became well known for dressing in a suit, tie and pocket protector every day. His determination carried over into his school work and he excelled.

After high school, Garner attended Davenport College but struggled at first because he didn’t have money or a support system. Luckily, he found Instructor Soper who challenged him.

Garner’s ethics class with Instructor Soper challenged him to get out of his comfort zone. The instructor would ask the students about their childhoods, how they grew up, and what their neighborhoods were like – spurring conversations about culture, race and social economic issues.

“Some of the conversations were tough, yet eye opening. I almost dropped his class because I felt picked on for being unlike the other kids.” Garner remembers confronting Instructor Soper, asking why he frequently called on him, “I remember him saying to me, ‘Because you have something to say.’”

Instructor Soper showed Garner and the other students in his class that they each had a unique story, and that by speaking up they could learn from each other. Instructor Soper’s own path had shown him that he needed to do more with his life than just get a degree – he wanted to change people’s lives.

Instructor Soper’s wisdom shaped Garner’s perspective on life and helped him realize his own passion was in education.

Garner graduated from Davenport in 1989 with his associate’s degree in accounting and 1991 with his bachelor’s degree in accounting, mathematics and social sciences. He started his teaching career at Grand Rapids Public Schools as a math teacher. Then, worked at Davenport for a few years as a Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program (GRAPCEP) coordinator. Next, Garner landed the assistant principal position at Grand Rapids Central High School. While working as a GRAPCEP coordinator, Garner earned his MBA from Davenport in strategic management in 2004.

Garner continued to pursue a higher degrees. He earned his Ed.D. in educational administration and supervision. His doctoral studies focused on the ways that professional development can improve professional learning communities, specifically for math teachers.  Garner worked his way up in the Grand Rapids Public School system, serving as a teacher, high school assistant principal, high school principal and middle school principal for almost 12 years.

Now he’s the principal at Muskegon High School and is proud to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers in the Muskegon area. As the “teacher of teachers,” Garner believes the principalship has changed. It is no longer a managerial model, it is an instructional leader model.

“The principalship has influence on the community as a group of learners. We are all in this together. We are making education a community focus.”

Muskegon is undergoing change right now with a positive energy and renewed focus. Garner believes that the children his community educates will continue the growth and guide the change in coming years.

Garner hopes that he can translate his story to students in Muskegon today adding, “It all comes down to my experience with Instructor Soper – wanting to quit and overcoming my challenges. My story is about growth.”

Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Visited Campus

Last week, Davenport University was honored to have Anil Singh-Molares, a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows (WWVF) visit campus. The WWVF program, operating for more than 40 years, brings prominent artists, diplomats, journalists, business leaders and other nonacademic professionals to campuses across the U.S. for substantive dialog with students and faculty members. “This is a tremendous honor for Davenport University,” stated Dr. Pamela Imperato, Dean for the Donald W. Maine College of Business at Davenport.  “Mr. Singh-Molares shared his unique perspectives on global business issues and entrepreneurship with our students, faculty and guests. We are excited for the opportunity this represents for our students that will further enhance their studies.”

Quick Facts about the visit: 

17 classes – visited or attended an event
Approximately 425-430 students have participated in a class or event
Events at Lettinga, Lansing and Holland campuses
29 faculty have participated

Throughout the week, students had opportunities to engage with Singh-Molares on topics of entrepreneurship, ethics and compassionate globalization within their classrooms and at events on the W. A. Lettinga, Lansing and Holland campuses.  In addition, he presented at three events held on the Davenport’s W.A. Lettinga Campus for all students, faculty and staff, alumni and members of the larger community.

Learn more about his Anil and the overview of his talks on the DU website.

Thank you to our community partners and connections:

  • M.E. Davenport Foundation
  • West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
  • Cascade Engineering
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • JCI
  • Haworth – Sustainability Division
  • Gordon Water System
  • Huntington Bank
  • LCC
  • Grace Bible College
  • Kyper College
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • At Holland Campus – 6 non-profits from United Way to LUAP

Alumni Success Story – Guy Davis ’92

Guy Davis ‘92 has spent his entire career in claims at Farmers Insurance. “Claims has given me the opportunity to help people all around our country. The work is extremely challenging but there is a great sense of accomplishment and service when you help someone begin to rebuild after a life altering event.” Guy will be featured in the next issue of the DU Review magazine, but in the meantime learn more about Guy and his role as the Liability Branch Claims Manager below.

Guy Davis '92.png

Tell us about yourself, Guy!

I am a husband and a father of three. My wife, Shelly, and I celebrated our twenty fourth wedding anniversary on October 10th. Yes, we met at Davenport! We spend much of our time at our children’s various activities. Hailie, a freshman at DU is a violinist for the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony, Camden a junior at Caledonia High School, is a percussionist with the marching band as well as a percussion team “Strike Percussion Ensemble,” and Maddie, is a sophomore at Caledonia High School, plays soccer for Cal and a club team. I also enjoy fishing and hunting, football (“Go Blue”), and futbol (“Go Man U!”) and spending time with family and friends.

How did you get started at Farmers?

I was working part-time right out of college and one of my friends, who was working for Farmers at the time, mentioned that they were looking for claim representatives.  I applied, interviewed and was fortunate to be selected all those years ago.  I’ve worked here for more than 20 years.

What do you do in a nutshell?

I’ve spent my entire career in claims and don’t know how those 20+ years went by so quickly. Claims has given me the opportunity to help people all around our country.  The work is extremely challenging but there is a great sense of accomplishment and service when you help someone begin to rebuild after a life altering event. Currently, I manage the Farmers Specialty Bodily Injury team.  We are an inside operation responsible for all 50 states and all claims, homeowners or landlord, written by Foremost Insurance Company. I work with a great group of people who share my passion to help others and philosophy that “We will be there when our customers need us.”

When you started at DU where you already interested in the field of insurance?

Short answer, no.  I wanted to see and experience many of the different programs that Davenport had to offer.

Do you feel like Davenport helped you land your role at Farmers?

Yes, they helped me prepare for the business world I was entering.  The professors helped me with business acumen, how to look at situations from various view points or perspectives, and how to collaborate with others.

You’re a DU alum – any family members who have attended as well? How have you seen the University change since you attended?

I have a cousin who studied accounting, a nephew who studied business and played rugby, and my daughter Hailie is currently in the nursing program. Davenport has changed in many ways including campus locations, student make-up, athletics, and most importantly the expanded curriculum. Davenport has embraced change and that’s exciting because the needs of its students, the community, and the businesses tied to its curriculum are always evolving and Davenport is adapting to those needs.

What would you share with someone considering a career in the insurance sector and particularly about Farmers as an employer?

It’s a company with so many different career choices. Here you have the opportunity to take on a new challenge or career and even the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country.

Alumni Success Story – Megan Collison ‘12

As a Family Medicine Physician Assistant at Metro Health Hospital, alumna Megan Collison ’12 is devoted to providing comprehensive care for people of all ages. “I care for patients who need anything from a basic check-up to taking out stitches to treatment of chronic health conditions.” Learn more about Megan and why she enjoys being in family medicine below.

Megan Collison '12.png

Tell us about yourself, Megan!

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids. I attended West Catholic and was involved in athletics – volleyball, basketball, golf and track. I knew I wanted to play basketball in college, and Davenport was the perfect fit. I graduated with my medical case management degree in 2012 and a year later, got into the competitive Physician Assistant program at GVSU on my first try. Now, I am a Family Medicine Physician Assistant at Metro Health Hospital.

Tell us about your experience at Davenport.

When I found out I received a full-ride academic scholarship and had the chance to play basketball at DU, I could not turn down the opportunity. I loved every minute of my time at Davenport and made some lifelong friends. I was involved as a Panther Pack Leader, student-athlete and student employee in the call center. I enrolled in the medical case management program because healthcare has always been a passion of mine. I knew I wanted to be a PA, so the medical case management program covered  most of the prerequisite classes for my next step in the masters program. I took nursing classes too, which I think helped me be successful in PA school.

In a nutshell, what do you do?

As a Family Medicine Physician Assistant, our team’s goal is to provide comprehensive care for people of all ages. The practice that I work with has one supervising physician and two other PAs. We work together, yet very independently. We have about 6,500 patients in our practice and I usually see about 20-25 patients a day. Patients visit our office for many reasons ranging from the care of a new baby, routine check-ups, post hospital visits, or treatment of ongoing disease like diabetes.

How did you decide on family medicine?

I decided a few months before I graduated that I wanted to go into family practice. My original plan was to go into orthopedic surgery. After I had a few practicums, I realized family medicine was my passion. I enjoy building relationships with families. I’m able to treat everyone from babies and their mothers to their grandpas & grandmas. One of the joys of my job is telling someone they are pregnant, caring for them throughout their pregnancy, and then caring for the baby once he or she is born and watch them grow up. It becomes very family-oriented.

What is your dream job?

This is my dream job! I love my job because every day is different, which keeps me on my toes! Also, the people I work with are great! It is a rewarding career.

What advice to do you have for students?

As long as you work hard and are motivated to do well, there are always opportunities for you regardless of what type of degree you have. Don’t settle. Don’t stop until you are where you want to be in life. It may be difficult, but it will be worth it.

What do you do when you are not working?

My boyfriend and I love to golf and ride bikes. I have a basset hound, Bentley, who is the best. I also enjoy golfing with my mom and my grandma, who is 85.

W.A. Lettinga Charter Scholarship Club Alumni Reunion

Alumni who received the full tuition W.A. Lettinga Charter Scholarship in 2006 gathered on Monday, October 10 to thank Mr. Wilbur Lettinga ’55 for his generous contribution.

Image may contain: 17 people , people smiling , indoor
Pictured L to R: Back Row: Jeremy Venlet, Nick Venlet, Katie Bravata, Megan Stiffler, Nick Kuncaitis, Rachel Payne, Beth Kosc, Vinny Baldiga, Sara Mooney; Second Row: Amy DeKievit, Devin Pierson, Samantha Mol, Emily Przekadzinski, Lisa Boeve; First Row: Bill Lettinga and Wilbur Lettinga

Alumni Success Story: Bridgett Tubbs-Carlon ’01

Bridgett Tubbs-Carlon is an entrepreneur, innovator and leader, but most importantly, a mother. 18 years ago, Bridgett had trouble finding a place to care for her young daughter that she felt comfortable with, so she created AppleTree & Gildeon Woods Early Care and Preschool. Learn how Bridgett faced her challenges head-on along her journey by checking out her story on page 36 of the latest issue of the DU Review.

Alumni Award Recipients – 2016

On Friday, September 23, the Davenport University Alumni Association honored six outstanding alumni who have exemplified the vision and values of the university through their professional and community service. Congratulations to the 2016 award recipients!

L to R:

Outstanding Young Alumni Award – Jim VanDam, Class of 2012

Hy Berkowitz Outstanding Alumni Award – Tina Pietrangelo, Class of 2007

College of Business Alumni Award – Carlos Sanchez, Class of 2007

Hy Berkowitz Outstanding Alumni Award – Tina Pietrangelo, Class of 2007

College of Health Alumni Award – Monica Goodrich, Class of 1998

College of Technology Alumni Award – Michelle (Stonebrook) Seneca, Class of 2002

College of Health Alumni Award – Monica Goodrich, Class of 1998

Not pictured, Distinguished Alumni Award – Mike Ohlman, Class of 1988

View photos from the event on the alumni facebook page.