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Parking permits needed!

Davenport University enforces a parking permit policy on all campuses. The first permit is FREE, but is required on all vehicles parking on-campus. Register your vehicle now if you haven’t already done so in order to avoid a parking ticket! There will be a two-week grace period with the start of fall semester for students to receive their permits.

New Students

All new students need to register their vehicles as soon as possible in order to avoid parking tickets. You are able to register for your free parking permit at https://parking.davenport.edu/.

Returning Students

All returning students are required to re-register their vehicles for the upcoming academic year. You are able to register online at https://parking.davenport.edu/.  To make it easier on you, the information you submitted last time is saved on the parking app. If your information has not changed, simply click “Issue me a new parking permit” in the top right corner.You will receive an email when your new permit is ready for pickup.

Any student or employee that loses their permit will be charged a $25 replacement fee. The first permit is free, but after that it is a $25 charge.

Faculty guide to the library

Faculty- check out a guide to the library at http://libguides.davenport.edu/facultyguide?p=552270.

Apple Back to School offer ends September 9

Panther Athletics Rewards Program

  The Panther Athletics Rewards Program (P.A.C.K.) is a geo-location app that rewards Davenport University students for supporting Panther Athletics. Download the free app from iTunes or Google play and then check-in to the app when you arrive at events and accrue points to unlock prizes.

Your points earn you rewards ranging from merchandise to exclusive local discounts. Use the Leaderboard feature to track your points and see where you stack up against your fellow students.


  • A check-in system that earns you points for attending Davenport events
  • Stay up-to-date with a consolidated schedule listing event dates, game times, & point values
  • Earn points to unlock rewards & exclusive discounts
  • Official Leaderboard noting your rank compared to top point holders
  • Share to Facebook and compete with friends

Alumni and current students participate in ALL-STAR COUTURE

On Friday, September 12, at 7:00 p.m., the Grand Rapids Downtown Market will host Grand Rapids’ first ever all Men’s Fashion Show. Senior Davenport Marketing students, Amanda Denomme and Thomas Drew have collaborated with the creator of Rooftop Couture, West Michigan Summer Classic, and Winter Ball, Renee Jonkman, to put on ALL-STAR COUTURE. Thomas Drew will style the models and will be the night’s host. Amanda Denomme will assist with styling. Twenty-five West Michigan athletes will rock the runway and many of the models are current students or DU Alumni. In addition, The DU Dance Team will perform for the entertainment. The event will be much more than just a runway show.  There will be a cocktail hour with performances by Grand Rapids’ native, now Atlanta-based artist Nina Vo’cals, and Rosa Parks’ Hot NYE DJ, Justin Kung, will spin the turntables.

DU participants include:

  • Alex Butler- Model
  • Amanda Denomme- Market Coordinator & Assistant Stylist
  • Dawid Czerniawski- Model
  • De’armond Davis- Model
  • James Nelson- Model
  • Javontae Ford- Model
  • Jerrell Sanders- Model
  • Kyle Mayers- Model
  • Mace White- Model
  • Ryan Dame- Model
  • Thomas Drew- Show Host & Stylist
  • Tori Brooks- Model
  • Davenport University Women’s Dance Team

Tickets for this event are available for purchase at www.amerasianproductions.com.

Davenport University is very excited for this real world experience opportunity for all alumni and current students, and wishes them success with ALL-STAR COUTURE. 

Internship Corner: Employer spotlight

The Michigan Department of Community Health has 3 opportunities. The deadline to apply for these positions is September 5, 2014. This is a tremendous opportunity for students to gain a competitive edge if they are interested in learning more about working in State government specifically with Community Health. To find out more or apply, cut and past the link below in your browser.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Agency has 2 opportunities in their Pathways Program for student trainees. Salary ranges from $25,181.00 to $50,932.00 / Per Year for 16 to 32 hours per week. Please go to Panther Jobs and enter “USDA Rural Development” in the search bar.  Do not wait on this one the application deadline is today August 29th!

Did You Know?

  • 50% of employers hire their interns as full-time employees!
  • Students who complete an internship average a starting salary that’s $7,000 higher!
  • Even if your program doesn’t require an internship, you should get one!

If you would like to comment or share your story please contact  debora.crudele@davenport.edu or 586-620-4041.

On your mark, get set, GLOW!

On Saturday, August 23, several Davenport DECA members and two Lettinga faculty joined the fun in downtown Grand Rapids and completed the Glow Run 5K! Participants dressed up in neon clothes and face paint before hitting the course lined with black lights and dance stations. After finishing the course, participants stayed at Calder Plaza for the celebration. One DECA member, Alycia Lenoir, had extra reason to celebrate as she completed her first-ever 5K!

“It is an accomplishment for me,” she said. “I’m proud of myself and happy I shared this with my team.”

See what DECA is up to this year by following us on Facebook  or Instagram at DU_DECA.





You and the UAC

U – Understand 
A – Action
C –  Champion 
Davenfest brought an opportunity to learn more about your University Advisory Council.  Over the next few weeks and months, we will be sharing additional information about UAC, your representatives and more!
If your idea “light bulb” lit up, and you would like it discussed through the UAC, please click here:  Submit Idea
The University Advisory Council cannot guarantee that all ideas will be implemented.  University Advisory Council DOES guarantee that all ideas will be treated with respect, given full consideration by UAC membership, and that you will be encouraged to participate in the process.
Make a connection with UAC, through your, or any, UAC representative. Check out the DU Spirit Rock!  UAC is Rockin’!!

Be a champion – with your ideas and suggestions!  Partner with UAC. We strive to be a strong voice and a great steward for you and DU.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jukv9Q1eR2g
Watch for more from UAC soon!

Strategic Recruitment Plan – input needed

Welcome to the start of a new and exciting year at DU! There has been plenty of excitement surrounding all of the great work that each of you have been involved in over the past year. As we all know by now, the results of our collective efforts, which include phenomenal outcomes in persistence, retention and graduation rates, have everybody buzzing about our future to be outlined in Vision 2020!

Enrollment, recruitment specifically, is an area that we are paying a considerable amount of attention to and are hoping to continue to improve upon to help make Vision 2020 a reality. Last year our enrollment team set out to establish a framework for an Annual Strategic Recruitment Plan which would guide our efforts to address our current enrollment challenges while continuing to make sure that our recruitment efforts are aligned with our vision and strategic goals. That document, Strategic Recruitment Plan 2014 – 2015, has been and will continue to be, available for your review online. The first iteration of the plan incorporated discussions with several individuals outside of the enrollment team but admittedly did not include as much input from faculty and staff as we would prefer. While this is a great first effort, we intend our next plan to be much more inclusive.

Over the next few weeks we will begin to discuss the drafting of the 2015 – 2016 Strategic Recruitment Plan. We would love your input/feedback. It would be beneficial to “re-familiarize” yourself with the framework laid out in our 2014 – 2015 plan. In general, this framework focuses on three subsets of the new student audience: Traditional students (high school students, dual enrolled and middle college, etc.), direct Michigan community college transfer students, and adult students (including graduate, military, international, online, corporate partnership and indirect transfer students).

We would like to gather input/feedback from the DU community as we believe recruitment is everybody’s responsibility. To that end, please consider the following topics/questions for consideration in the 2015 – 2016 plan:

  • How can faculty, staff and students be more strategically deployed in our recruitment efforts? How can you make a difference?
  • How can we best capture and leverage the dynamic experiences students should anticipate when coming to DU – in the classroom? Residence Hall? On and around campus?
  • What do you do in your classroom/office/department really well and wish we could brag about?
  • What connections do you/we have in community colleges, high schools and industry that could be leveraged to help increase spreading the good news about DU?
  • Where did you go to high school? College? How could you work with the enrollment team to leverage that experience/relationship?

A Recruitment Plan webpage, located on our Strategic Planning site, has been set up to facilitate the conversation – a “suggestion box” if you will. Please visit it and offer your great suggestion(s) (a “great” suggestion is always one that involves the suggestor’s active participation in the implementation) between September 5 and September 19.

Thanks again for all you do to make DU the great place that it is!

The Center for Teaching Excellence selects 2014-15 faculty representative

Dr. Linda Rinker and Dr. Irene Bembenista are pleased to announce that Dr. Neil Shepard will join the Center for Teaching Excellence as Faculty Representative for 2014-15. Dr. Shepard has taught in the College of Arts & Sciences since 2008, and has a strong record of service to Davenport faculty, staff and students, serving on university committees including the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, as a faculty advisor to the Diversify student organization and as the organizer of our annual Austism Awareness events.

In the CTE, Dr. Shepard will work with Dr. Kriss Ferluga, Faculty Course Developer for Delivery Systems, to plan and implement Davenport’s annual Student Day of Research competition, a Fall series of research-focused presentations that feature the expertise of our Library staff, and a Winter series of presentations that expand on his research in universal design and student support.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Shepard to the CTE!

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