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GREAT customer service recipients for June

Congratulations to those who were recognized in June for their GREAT customer service!

‘Continuous’ Environmental Scan Now Launched on the Market Intelligence Website

The 2015 Environmental Scan was a great success in helping inform the 2020 Strategic Plan. Over 40 contributors across the university submitted articles to help gain insight into the ever-changing higher education landscape. Considering higher education is always in flux, Market Intelligence has launched the “Continuous Environmental Scan.”  Housed on the Market Intelligence website, this will be a place for you to keep up-to-date on issues related to competition, economic factors, labor market trends, new laws and regulations as well as other issues impacting higher education.

Davenport and the partnership with the Defense Cyber Crime Center

Davenport University was recently selected as one of only eleven schools across the nation who meet the requirements for designation by the Defense Cyber Crime Center Academic Cyber Curriculum Alliance as a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE). CDFAE designates academia to a digital forensic education standard based upon knowledge, skills, and abilities used in the field.  Mark McKinnon, digital forensics faculty, will serve as the partnership program manager between Davenport University and the DC3.  Mr. McKinnon is a certified computer examiner and certified forensic analyst.

VISL Improvements for Fall 2015 and Beyond!

Building on our efforts to continuously improve course delivery at Davenport, exciting changes are coming to Virtual In-Seat Learning, which you might know as VISL. Changes for Fall 2015 include:

Davenport Offers 20% Tuition Discount to Chamber Members

Davenport University has been a member of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce since 1887. Over the years, Davenport has sponsored and supported several events and programs in partnership with the Chamber.
Currently, Davenport offers a 20% tuition discount to all Chamber members and their dependents.

W.A. Lettinga: FREE Summer Showing July 13

The Center for Campus Life presents a free showing of ‘The Mask You Live In’ on July 13!

IPEx: DU’s Jack D. Cichy, Ph.D., CM has Taught a Quarter Century of Leadership Training!

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) training program at Cascade Engineering is provided through Davenport University’s Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx) and has been taught by DU Professor Jack D. Cichy for 25 consecutive years! The program will continue this fall for the 26th year. Dr. Cichy is a certified Leadership Effectiveness Trainer and is a Qualified Facilitator of the EQ-i 2.0TM (Emotional Quotient-Inventory), which is a part of the LEA program.

DU has 100% Passing Rate on Paralegal Exam!

Each year, paralegal students in Davenport’s American Bar Association accredited paralegal program are offered an upper level elective class to help them prepare for a National Paralegal Certification Exam. The instructor conducts a complete review of everything the paralegal students have learned during their time with us and to help students prepare for this exam. Our hope is that our students can then graduate with both a degree and a certification from a National Paralegal Organization.

Midland Summer Forensic Science Camp

Monday, July 13 – Friday, July 17

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. for Grades 9-12

W.A. Lettinga ‘NUMB3RS’ Math Camp

To sign up and/or for more information,
contact Steve Bacinski, Associate Chair of Mathematics
sbacinski@davenport.edu or call 616.871.3967

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