Davenport University has been selected to receive $1.2 million in funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration to launch a Veteran’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (VBSN) degree. DU is the only institution in Michigan and only one of nine in the country to receive this grant, to be distributed over a four-year period.

Many returning military service members and veterans have medical training coupled with combat military experience, which would translate well into a nursing career if given the opportunity to enhance and grow their knowledge-base and skillsets. The VBSN is designed to help these individuals successfully pursue and obtain a nursing degree and a position in the healthcare field. For many veterans and military medically-trained persons, this program could fast-track them into the middle of their sophomore year.

We expect to begin the first 15-student cohort in the Fall 2014 semester at our W.A. Lettinga, Warren and Midland Campuses and potentially our Lansing Campus. This grant solidifies DU’s status as a leader in providing veterans and military members with innovative, proactive resources and services tailored to meet their needs and utilize their unique skillsets and experiences. Interested veterans and military members can being the admission process immediately by contacting Adam Betz or Jonathan Highman, or calling 855-382-3446.

This granted is funded by the Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention: Veteran’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program (VBSN) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration. Davenport’s program includes an initial award of $327,284 for program year 2013-2014, and recommended total funding over four years at $1,217,446, at 100% of total program implementation costs (excludes student tuition and feeds).

Congratulations to the VBSN Advisory Council Team: Amy Stahley, Dept. Chair for Nursing, Sandra Welling, Associate Dean for Nursing, Donna Milham, University Registrar, Kathy Aboufadel, Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment, Adam Betz, Military & Veteran Admissions Rep, Jonathan Highman, Military & Veteran Admissions Rep, Scott Lemmon, Director of Admissions & Partnerships, Mercy Kamau, Karen Daley, Dean for the College of Health Professions and Michele Davis, Executive Director of Grand Development for all their hard work to apply for and earn this major grant under the leadership of Peg Luy and Linda Rinker!