Dr. Karen M. Daley, Dean of the College of Health Professions, has co-written the book Simulation Scenarios for Nursing Educators 2nd Edition which was honored with the Book of the Year Award by The American Journal of Nursing – one of the oldest and most prestigious broad-based nursing journals in the world. Her book was regarded as exceptional because it creates scenarios with outstanding structure and consistency and addresses many of the challenges in nursing education.

Congrats, Dr. Daley!

More about the book: 

The second edition of this text is very well done and contributes to the body of knowledge surrounding simulation science. The Journal particularly recommends this book because it addresses new methods for nursing education that are desperately needed; it offers an abundance of lessons learned, how-tos, and tried-and-true reusable scenarios. While simulation in nursing education is on the upswing, there are still many, many nursing schools that are behind the curve; this book can help, as it excels in clear and straightforward advice and instruction. The structure of each scenario is consistent, which helps with understanding, flow, and ease-of-use in the educational setting. This aspect is particularly valuable for nurse educators who are unfamiliar with, or lack confidence in, applying simulation scenarios in nursing education.

  • Creates scenarios with outstanding structure and consistency, making them easier to apply and adapt by others. It provides support for the novice and validation for the experienced.
  • Addresses many of the challenges in nursing education in the first few chapters (which are nonscenario based).
  • Incorporates complex scenarios with the reality of today’s health care environment—this is creative and absolutely necessary.