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LETTINGA: Blood Drive June 3

IPEx: Providing Corporate Training Locally, Regionally, Nationally, and Globally

While many of Davenport’s students are enjoying their summer break, Davenport’s corporate education branch, the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx), has a busy month ahead. Professional development courses open to any business professional continue to be offered at the Peter C. Cook Center, Davenport’s downtown Grand Rapids Campus.

Not only does IPEx train professionals here at Davenport, but corporate clients are bringing IPEx into their workplaces to provide customized training.  This month alone, training sessions are taking place in Grand Rapids, Hastings, Farmington Hills, and Flint. Outside our home state, courses are being conducted in Kentucky, Minnesota, and Mexico. The reach of IPEx training extends globally through online courses with participants from many countries including China, India, Poland, and Brazil.

The connections and relationships between IPEx and corporate clients are growing our business into wider and more versatile markets. By developing and growing the corporate education offerings here at IPEx, Davenport is better equipped to recognize where the world is going and fulfill the mission to help our students get there!

DEI: Internationals – Who Are They and Why Should We Care?

The rapid internationalization and globalization of world economies has led to a push towards internationalization of higher education to meet the demands of the changing world.  As a result, international student cross-border mobility has increased significantly, with the numbers of international students seeking higher education opportunities in the United States increasing over the years.  The Open Doors 2014 Data by the Institute of International Education notes that the number of international students coming to the U.S. has increased by 72 percent in 15 years, from 514,723 in 1999/2000 to 866,052 in 2013/2014, maintaining U.S. leadership position as the top higher education destination in the world (Institute of International Education, 2014a).  Who are international students, where do they come from, and why should we even care?

International students come to the U.S. for various levels of training and from all corners of the globe.  Data from 2013-14 reports show that many of them come to pursue an undergraduate degree (42%) while others come for graduate education (37%), optional practical training (12%) and non-degree training (9%) (Institute of International Education, 2014b).  It is noteworthy that a majority (64%) of all international students hail from Asia, with countries like China, South Korea, and India having the highest numbers. Below are the world regions from which U.S. international students come (Note: the Infographic below is compiled with data from Institute of International Education’s International Students: All Places of Origin report).

The numbers and origins of international students may not seem consequential at first glance but become significant when considering the impact international students have on the U.S. economy and higher education overall.  In the 2013/14 academic year, for instance, international students supported 340,000 jobs and contributed $26.8 billion to the overall U.S. economy (NAFSA, n.d.).  Further, at the institutional level, international students enrich the academic and social landscape by contributing to diverse thought and perspectives, to scientific and technical research, and to increasing local students’ awareness and appreciation of cultures from around the world, and thereby preparing them for global careers, interactions, and relations (Charles-Toussaint & Crowson, 2010; Wu, Garza & Guzman, 2015; NAFSA, n.d.).

On the flip side, international students who return to their countries of origin may foster favorable relationships between the U.S. and their home countries that are important for trade and other exchanges (Charles-Toussaint & Crowson, 2010). In light of this, it is not only strategic for U.S. colleges and universities to attract and recruit international students but also important to develop and maintain policies, programs, and practices that create conducive environments that foster their success.  As the world’s nations continue to be more connected, and as cross-border mobility increases, colleges and universities that stand to gain the most from these trends are those that pay attention to international students.

Looking for APA Help?

Looking for help with APA? You’ll find a template formatted in APA, an overview created by the Department of English & Communication, and other great resources. Our APA Library Guide is another place to go for APA help

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Paw Prints Wireless Printing

Need to quickly print something on the go right before class? Now you can with Paw Prints. Paw Prints is a way for students with print credits to wirelessly print PDFs to a designated printer from laptops, Android phones and tablets.

Over the summer and fall, every campus should have available wireless printing through Paw Prints in the library or other designated area. There will be one designated multi-functional printer per location that will print PDFs wirelessly.

The system uses the free print credits allotted to you based upon the number of classes you take. If no more print credits exist, Paw Prints will begin charging your Panther Dollars account. If additional Panther Dollars are needed, please visit DU-posit. Cost per printed page is $0.10.

National Be a Millionaire Day

Today is Be a Millionaire Day! The library has plenty of resources like ProQuest EntrepreneurWall Street Journal,and Accounting & Finance Subject Guide, to name just a few.

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Saginaw’s MA Club Honored with Commander’s Award

Davenport University’s Medical Assistant Club – Saginaw was honored for the second year with the Commander’s Award for collecting Toys for Tots. The award reads:

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve is proud to recognize Davenport University for outstanding support of the 2014 Saginaw Michigan Marine Toys for Tots Program. Your generous contributions have enabled the Marine Corps to bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.

The Commander’s Award is signed by the Richard P. Mills, LtGen, USMC Commander Marine Forces Reserve.

Medical Assistant Program Director and faculty advisor for Saginaw’s Medical Assistant Club, Rebecca Ventura, was proud to accept this award on behalf of DU and acknowledged the continued dedication to the Saginaw community through volunteerism. Without the effort and support from the Saginaw campus, the Medical Assistant Club would not have achieved such a prestigious honor as well provided so many deserving children with gifts for Christmas.

Rebecca Ventura Speaks at MSMA Annual Spring Convention 2015

Medical Assistant Program Director and Associate Department Chair for Allied Health Sciences for Midland, Saginaw, and Lansing, Rebecca Ventura, presented a two hour presentation titled, “Is your Office Compliant with ADA Laws and Regulation?” to approximately 75 Michigan Society of Medical Assistants (MSMA) members on May 3.

The spring convention brings hundreds of Medical Assistants, Office Managers, Educators, and Medical Assistant Program Directors together for four days of CEU-approved presentations and seminars. Ms. Ventura was given positive feedback from her attendees and MSMA coordinators, as well encouraged to present again.

Rebecca Ventura stated, “If I can make compliance with ADA laws and regulations interesting and even ‘fun’, I feel empowered to expand and present this topic to others”.

This convention was an excellent avenue to showcase Davenport University’s talented faculty, as experts in their fields.