Why Data Warehousing is important to Davenport University

Data Warehousing is taking data from different data sources and allowing the data to be interpreted for businesses to make better decisions.

Here at Davenport University the Data Warehousing team creates reports that are used by all departments to make their jobs easier. There are some requests that are as simple as getting the status of a student’s admission to the University for a given semester. While other requests require a little more time in development due to the complexity of the parameters.

With reporting we are able to gather this information and present it in a more usable format than currently available in Banner. For example, a Banner report might include those students that are not yet accepted to Davenport University. The admissions representative would then want to know if not having their financial aid file complete is holding up their decision making. In this example they would then need to go to multiple screens in Banner for multiple students to figure it all out. With a custom report we can have that information generated for all of the students that have not yet been accepted to Davenport and give information like the financial aid status, along with transcript issues, application fee issues, etc. Whatever they would like can be captured to allow them to figure out what is causing the student(s) from being accepted.

Another important area of data warehousing is for enrollment. Each week the data warehousing team creates reports that are used by the University to make decisions on the tracking of future enrollment. From there the cabinet and head department leaders are able make smart business decisions based on past and current data. The data is broken out by locations, student type, course/credit loads, etc. These numbers are also used when budgeting at the University.

The Banner Reporting Team (BRT) holds monthly meetings. If you have a request for a report that you would like created contact your functional areas representative and let them know. They will be able to access the need of the report and present it at BRT and get it on the priority listing of reports. Following is a listing of the BRT members:

Daryl Kingrey, Admissions
David DeBoer, Financial Aid
Deb Brondsema, Business Office
Donna Milham, Registrars Office
Eric Pung, Data Warehousing
Janet Maschke, Institutional Research
Jessica Edwards, Student Services
Jodi Colby, Enterprise Team
Julie Holkeboer, Data Warehousing
Kathy Aboufadel, Institutional Research
Kerry Prentice, Project Management
Kirstin VanderMolen, Alumni
Linda Sievert, Student Services
Lisa ODonovan, Finance
Marylee Vandenheuvel, Data Warehousing
Nick Kraska, Human Resources
Patricia Finerty, Financial Aid
Robin Kauffman, Registrars Office
Tom Woods, Student Services

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