Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Future Mobile Phone

Cellular technology has a history of change and continuous improvement. I can still remember having my first handheld that had only 20 minutes on the plan. It was a candy bar Nokia that was large but thin for that day. People could call me and I could call them; simple with all the features I needed.
We expect our phones to do more, and every couple months new phones are developed with more features than before. Still it seems that our needs as users continue to grow and the new phones fall short. In the spirit of continuous improvement here is a small list of what I would like from the next generation cell phone.

  1. My phone gets heavy usage all week long with data and Internet use, so it would be nice to only charge it once a week.
  2. A HDMI docking station for desktop use and connecting to an HDTV. I could use my phone in place of my laptop with the right application in place.
  3. Built in Pico (very small) projector to use for presentations or in place of a monitor.
  4. I want a device that is very thin but indestructible, while also able to withstand being dropped in water so not to void the warranty (red dot issue).
  5. Setup NFC (Near Field Communication) to be able to pick which credit card to use, keys to hotels (when checking into the hotel setup is done then), and driver license with registration/insurance to reduce the paper trail and support a more “green” culture. Receipts of anything purchased are immediately emailed to you.
  6. Perfect voice recognition to operate the phone hands free.
  7. Print any place to any printer.
  8. Be able to hand off cellular to Wi-Fi for calls without carrier limitations.
  9. Real 4G speed and great connections everywhere.
  10. Flawless video calling with any device with any carrier.

As the industry continues to grow we as consumers will better define the cycle of continuous improvement by defining our current needs and those in the foreseeable future. Some of these technologies are coming soon, others years away or maybe just an idea. It is hard to predict when the needs of the consumer will drive the change….We will have to stay connected and see what comes.