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Customizing Your Postini Spam Filters

Our new Postini spam filtering system allows for a great deal of customization, based on how much spam you would like it to catch before it reaches DMail. Any spam caught by Postini will be excluded from your archive and not counted toward your available DMail storage space, so it can be beneficial to tune your Postini filters accordingly.

As a Davenport employee, you can log into your Postini Message Center by clicking the “Archive” link in the upper-right corner of the Faculty or Staff Connection page

Once on the Postini web page, click “My Settings” in the upper-right corner.

Next, select “Manage Junk Filters” in the “Junk Settings” section.

Activate your additional Postini junk mail filtering by clicking “Deactivated” on the left.

Finally, tune your overall junk mail filtering to suit your preference using the drop-down menu on the right. If you are uncertain, select “Lenient” or “Normal” to start and adjust to “Strict” or “Aggressive” if you continue to receive junk mail.

You can also tweak filter levels for specific categories of spam by selecting “Show Category Filters” in the middle of the page.

Save your preferences and you are finished!

Finally, if you want to see how effective your personal filters are, you can view your quarantine to see the reason a particular message was captured.
Go to the “Junk” tab and look at the “Block Reason” column to see what filters caught the messages. In our example below the first two messages were trapped by the SPF filter, while the second two were trapped by the generic junk filter.

What is the new Postini spam filter doing for you?

What is the new Postini spam filter doing for you?
Making your email a safer place!
Let’s take a quick look at how many messages were caught across DU:
March 19, 2012: 0 messages were caught, because the filter was not yet turned on.
March 26, 2012: 996 messages were caught by the new filter.
April 2, 2012: 3,403 messages were caught by the new filter – approximately 6% of all incoming mail.

Why does this matter to you?
The vast majority of the messages being trapped by the new filter contain or link to malicious content that attempts to infect your computer with the Zeus botnet.
But isn’t my computer protected by my antivirus?
The average Zeus detection rate is currently 36% to 39%, according to ZeusTracker. Unfortunately your antivirus cannot reliably protect you from this threat.

How can you help protect your computer?
The latest wave of malicious emails from US Airways were largely caught by our filters, but malicious individuals are constantly trying new spam campaigns.
You can protect yourself by: Not opening unexpected emails from the IRS, Quickbooks, the Better Business Bureau, Intuit, the US Postal Service, Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, or United Parcel Service (UPS).

For those of you interested in the latest wave of malicious messages, here is some additional information.