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We recently saw a large number of invitations from the social networking site skillpages. These messages indicate they were sent by a friend or co-worker, and encourage the recipient to join the skillpages service.

Following the link in the email and entering your name and password will result in the creation of an account. Skillpages then prompts you to “activate your networks” by adding a social networking or email account, as seen below:

Once this step has been completed, skillpages prompts you to email any contacts who do not already have a skillpages account to encourage them to join. This step defaults to selecting all contacts not already in skillpages, requiring manual action to deselect any accounts. It is also worth noting the large, prominent “Invite Your Contacts” button and the much smaller, gray “Skip” option:

The vast majority of individuals I have spoken to indicate they did not realize an email would be sent to nearly everyone in their contact list and did not want that to occur. Preventative measures have been taken due to the large number of email messages received from this site, as well as the number of help desk calls generated from individuals who question the legitimacy of the invitations or who inadvertently sent invitations to their contacts. For further details on these measures please contact the CSC.

If you created an account and decide you no longer wish to maintain that account, it is relatively simple to delete.

First, access the settings tab

Second, scroll down to the bottom and select “Click here to delete your account”

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