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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

As more students embrace a technology-filled lifestyle filled with smartphones, netbooks and other wireless devices, the days of effectively reaching the university’s target audience with flyers and bulletin board postings on tack boards are waning.

The rapid distribution of information to visitors, students and faculty while reducing the usage of paper has become an important issue for Davenport University as it continues to strengthen its unified communications strategy. As students continue to increase their expectations of having their on-campus environment being an extension of their increasingly digital lifestyle, several factors have converged to make rapid communications to their target audiences a high priority.

You may have noticed the recent installation of large screens within your campus’s welcome area, lounge or other area where people convene or walk by.  These screens, otherwise known as digital signage displays, can deliver instant, timely information by utilizing multimedia elements such as images, video, flash movies using subtle animation, and news tickers/alerts powered by RSS feeds.

Digital Signage DiagramInformation regarding events, course changes, cancellations, room changes, student activities, sports, weather, and alert notifications can be delivered campus or system-wide in a matter of minutes.  A long-term objective is to have a networked system of displays that provides DU campuses with the immediacy of communications to reach visitors, students and faculty across all points of contact; these points of contact can replace existing noticeboards with dynamic, eye-catching screens that can show everything from alerts to lunch menus and details of school clubs and events.
This involves the principles of one-to-one marketing – a process where messages are tailored (as much as possible) to the intended recipient at intended locations, rather than pushing the message out to every pair of eyes and ears everywhere. Using content management systems similar to those that power the university’s various web sites, content can be scheduled to change throughout the day or over a period of time to specific demographic groups that convene in specific locales. Students typically congregate in areas such as student centers, hallways, libraries, cafeterias and bookstores.
When you visit the main campus on August 25th for our annual meeting, you can see examples of these digital signage points in action. Once you enter the Student Center’s main entrances, you’ll be greeted by a promotion entitled “Davenport University’s Points of Pride”. At the end of the event (1:00 p.m.), promotions and schedules for the Student Center are programmed to resume their normally scheduled display times.
Within the next two weeks, we’ll discuss the process of how to submit requests for content.  As fall semester continues, we’ll offer instructional videos explaining the technology behind the screens by taking a glance at the web-based digital signage content management system and its various functionalites.  Stay tuned. ;)