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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a system that is used to link independent websites into a single cohesive experience. If an individual signs-on to ANY of these independent systems (intranet, main website, portal for example at Davenport) you are effectively authenticated into all of them. SSO minimizes the number of times that a user must type in their credentials.

The largest criticism of Single Sign-On is that if your SSO system goes down there is no way to authenticate into all of your properties. This is a legitimate concern and a way for a fall back sign on for the individual properties should be implemented.

Another point of interest (as far as criticism) is that the feeling of cohesion that SSO provides to people leads them into believing that they are on the same Website. In other words, authenticating into a protected site informs people that they are moving from one application to another, and without that we are sometimes confused about our current context.

Some of the benefits to SSO:

  • reduces the need for many systems to maintain passwords
  • reduces time spend entering passwords
  • less calls requesting passwords

Davenport employs Central Authentication Service (or CAS) as our SSO protocol. Here is a link to the CAS entry on wikipedia that does a better job of explaining how the protocol works than I can do.

As I mentioned before CAS (SSO) allows us to link together many different applications under the same authentication protocol. We have many applications that require SSO authentication not to mention our top three properties (Main Site, Intranet, Portal) which all use CAS (SSO).

Any further questions please post a comment or contact the webteam directly.